Rhyming Revue     MaryAnne Bart

Buildings and acres of the Bield

Blending nature, spirit and self to be real

The Carpenter's Chapel at the start

Generally and specifically designed from the heart

The grounds where horses graze

Easy to receive and returns God's gaze.

Accommodation light with sufficient room

Happily decorated, dispelling gloom

The labyrinth a work of art

The mosaic fish leading the path

of entry – with the seasonal views

gently calling one to muse

on the glory of that mystery,

the curiosity of life and to deeper be

The nightscape from the sky light of the swimming pool –

showing the Creators mystical marvels through and through.

The art room – so inviting to explore

Materials, samples of work, useful guides by the score!

Extra sitting rooms; nooks and crannies –

Oozing peace, welcoming with nothing uncanny

The uniqueness of thought and attention to detail

Elegance, suitability – 8 stars on that scale

The prayer leaflets in the rooms and walks

Assisting meditation/reflection for answered calls

Col Booth said that on an empty stomach one could not pray –

The food here excels 'good' it is gourmet!

A Chagall in reception and where guests eat

Is an unexpected and lovely treat.

Thank you one and all

In this manifestation of hearing God's call –

Thank you when in 1997 your reply was 'yes'

May you always be well – and truly blessed

For what is close at hand and as far as the grounds reach

An awesome atmosphere to renew, restore, re-enter and to teach.

Talking about walking that extra mile

Tissues and a  torch in room – what style

With wellies, slippers, umbrella in the hall

Welcoming practical convenient which says it all.

The precious, twice daily Chapel prayer

The focus, holy ground – so dear

T h e    B i e l d    a t

B l a c k r u t h v e n