Quiet Garden Movement

The Bield at Blackruthven is affiliated to the

Quiet Garden Movement & Trust

The Quiet Garden Movement encourages the provision of a variety of local venues where there is an opportunity to set aside time to rest and to pray.

As a Retreat Centre we offer within the garden and grounds an area of beauty and peacefulness dedicated to quiet prayer, solitude and reflection.

You can walk and pray as you meander through the labyrinth, take time to stop and stare at the marvel of creation among the trees or sit in silent wonder at the song of the birds.

Visit Rod & Judy Kennedy's Quiet Garden

in Caboolture, Brisbane, Australia.

Rod and Judy spent 3 months working at the Bield.

Visitors are welcome to visit the walled garden, labyrinth and grounds whenever the Bield is open. [link to calendar]

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B l a c k r u t h v e n