T h e    B i e l d    a t

B l a c k r u t h v e n


Experienced pastoral community members are available as desired to listen, counsel, guide and support you on your personal journey. Community members are happy to offer as much or as little assistance as required by an individual or a group. We do value the opportunity of being involved in the development and facilitating of events and courses.

While people of all faiths or of none are welcome, our vision is centred in the person of Jesus Christ, and the well-being, nurture and healing found in him. Community members have diverse Christian backgrounds and are one-world as well as one-church minded. A number of staff and volunteers also work at the Bield; a truly welcoming and delightful place.

The community members who offer ministry are:

Robin Anker-Petersen

Director of Healing for St. Andrews Episcopal Diocese and tutor with Listen Well Scotland. Robin offers spiritual direction, listening, prayer and group facilitation. Other interests include Gestalt workshops through "Journey into Healing". Also Men's Spirituality especially as expressed in the work of Richard Rohr OFM, including Men's Rites of Passage, and "Journey of Illumination", and men's work internationally.

Further interests are the visual arts, including especially sculpture, Arts and the Christian Faith and the spirituality of the Iona Community. Also delights in the Bible, Birdwatching, Blues Music, the Early Church, the Enneagram, Contemplation Journalling, Movies, Opera, Reading, Revival and walking the dog (not usually all at once).

Marianne Anker-Petersen

Marianne has a counselling background and is committed to the listening ministry as a listener as well as a trainer and supervisor. Particular interests are support of couples and families; dealing with stress and mediation. Over the last couple of years she has trained in Capacitar Wellness practices and experienced the therapeutic value of many body, mind and Spirit practises which she is glad to share.

Marianne offers listening, counselling, retreat and individual accompaniment, prayer ministry, and group facilitation.

Melitta Bosworth

Melitta is an artist and the Art Facilitator at the Bield. She trained at both Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art. She has specific training and experience in mixed media, painting and textiles.

She also offers Spiritual Accompaniment in the Ignatian tradition. She is also a qualified Person Centred Counsellor and is particularly interested in encouraging the therapeutic use of art to explore spirituality and life issues.

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