Art Room

"It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God"   Mary Daly.

The art room is an excellent, self contained, well-lit space, housed in former farm buildings, with facilities for ten participants to work at any one time. Materials are set out attractively on shelves for easy accessibility.

The Art Room is for you to:

     - Relax, play and be refreshed

     - Explore your own creativity

     - Expand and deepen your spirituality

     - Meditate and pray

     - Engage with issues you wish to focus on

It is supplied with a variety of materials, paints, pastels, clay & many others. The art room also has a potter's wheel and kiln.

The Art Room Facilitator

Melitta is there to encourage you to discover your own creativity.

This space is open to all, especially these who describe themselves as "not artistic".

For contact information: Click Here

To view some of Melitta’s own work: Transitions: Inner & Outer Landscapes see

You can use our Art Space in many ways:

     - As an open space where you work freely at a time of your choosing.

     - Book a one-to-one session with the Art Facilitator who will support you as appropriate.

     - Come with a small group to work, explore or pray together through art.

Creativity - a Doorway to Healing

Read the article written by Melitta for the

Retreat Association handbook: Retreat Association Article.pdf

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