The Bield Programme 2017

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2017 Bield Programme in Subject Order

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The Bield Programme 2017 by Subject
REFLECTIVE LIVING This series of days with gifted guides opens windows to living more reflectively.    
Sun 29 Jan 10:30am - 4:30pm Giving and Receiving Refuge: Hospitality for a World of Care.  £47.00 Professor Alison Phipps OBE
Sat 11 Feb 10:00am - 4:00pm A Shining Dark. The practice of contemplative prayer confronts us with our own inner darkness as well as the dark silent mystery of God.   £47.00 Alex Holmes
Sun 21 May 10:00am - 4:30pm Writing the Inner Path. Spiritual Journaling in a Busy Life - A day to step aside, still the mind and nourish the soul through this rewarding discipline.  £47.00 Merryn Glover
Sun 27 Aug 10:30am - 4:30pm Tending to the emerging stories of our lives.  A restorative and sharing day for those whose lives are touched by dementia. Chapel Communion Service 9:30-10:30am  £47.00 Rosas Mitchell
Sat 4 Nov 10:00am - 4:00pm Finding Clarity in the midst of Life's Challenges. Introduction to the Quaker practice of 'meeting for clearness'. How to use this deeply meditative approach to explore life issues in community.  £47.00 Verene Nicholas
Sat 18 Nov 10:00am - 4:00pm Uncovering/Recovering our spiritual next of kin. For many people, traditional patterns of church life just don't cut it anymore. This day is for those who want to reclaim their own spiritual path in the company of other spirited nomads and pilgrims.  £47.00 Michael Paterson
EASTER RETREAT using the Paintings of Peter Clare [see EXHIBITIONS below] and Ignatian Principles
Tue 11 - Fri 14 Apr 10am - 4:30pm This unique Retreat offers an opportunity to contemplate the powerful pictures in 'The Journey' exhibition by Peter Clare which have touched the hearts of so many and, with the support of individual guidance, to reflect on one's own journey with God. £ 234 full Board.  Day guest options possible. Carol Claire & the Bield Team
Reflective Silence        
Tue 17 Jan 10am - 4:30pm A Day of Reflective Silence at The Bield  £37.00 Bield Team
Tue 14-Wed 15 Mar 10am - 4:30pm Two days of Reflective Silence at The Bield  £106.00 Bield Team
Tue 23-Wed 24 Mar 10am - 4:30pm Two days of Reflective Silence at The Bield  £106.00 Bield Team
Tue 20 Jun 10am - 4:30pm A Day of Reflective Silence at The Bield  £37.00 Bield Team
Thu 24 Aug 10am - 4:30pm A Day of Reflective Silence at The Bield  £37.00 Bield Team
Wed 20-Thu 21 Sep 10am - 4:30pm Two days of Reflective Silence at The Bield  £106.00 Bield Team
Tue 21-Thu 23 Nov 10am - 4:30pm Three days of Reflective Silence at The Bield  £159.00 Bield Team
Capacitar Taster   The practices help transform stress and pain deriving from illness, violence, and the stresses of daily life and open the individual up towards greater wholeness and wellbeing.    
Sat 28 Jan 2 - 4:30pm  £10.00 Marianne Anker-Petersen
Sun 26 Feb 2 - 4:30pm  £10.00
Sat 6 May 2 - 4:30pm  £10.00
Sun 22 Oct 2 - 4:30pm  £10.00
JOURNEY into HEALING The Purpose of the workshop is to be open to ourselves, to each other and to God for growth and healing.   Robin Anker-Petersen, Lesley Anne Pratchett & Sharon Stinson
Sat 3 Jun 10am - 4:30pm  £42.00
Sun 25 Jun 10am - 4:30pm  £42.00
Sat 9 Sep 10am - 4:30pm  £42.00
Sat 2 Dec 10am - 4:30pm  £42.00
DAY of BLESSING       Robin & Marianne
  11am - 4:00pm Starts after 9:30am Service  £42.00
Creative Journeying 4/4     Melitta, Fran & Sheila
Fri10-Sun12 Feb 10am - 4pm The 4th in the Series [closed group]  £255.00
CREATING STILL, STILL CREATING Spacious, relaxed time to explore theme creatively using art materials and reflect on what emerges - no previous experience required.    
Tue 9- Wed10 May 4:30pm-4:30pm  £106.00 Melitta & Katy Low
Thu 7- Fri 8 Dec 4:30pm-4:30pm  £106.00
Fri 12 May 7 - 9pm In the Garden with Friends Exhibition Opens  F.O.C.  Katy Glabraith
Tue 4 - Sat 29 Apr 2 - 5pm 'The Journey' by Peter Clare & 'Old Russian Icons & Ethiopian Crosses' collected by Rufus Reade Exhibition Open to the Public  F.O.C.  Barn Gallery
26 Aug - 10 Sep 10am - 5pm Perthshire Open Studios Exhibition  F.O.C.  POS Artists
SOLAS Festival        
Fir 23 - Sun 25 Jun see web site for Tickets
Scottish Open Gardens      
Sat 17 Jun 2 - 5pm The Bield Walled Garden and Grounds are Open to the Public
Male Rites of Passsage   Early Bird Price
Wed 26 - Sun 30 Jul arrive 2-4pm  £397.00 MRoP Elders